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Nano Tec International- All in one type! This is a holding company of ceramic and metallic particle manufacturing equipment. It is a manufacturing and automation packer and universal vending machine of nano Energizer, nanoMax and easyRecovery, etc. We here, are manufacturing Phytoncide Spray. The company offers a trustworthy source of information about nanotechnology currently used in a broad range of industrial applications.


Phytoncide means 'Plant' and it was created by mixing Phyton= meaning plant, and Cide= meaning killer. It means "germ killing substance secreted by plants". Professor V.P Tokin of Leningrad University revealed this detail in 1930 that smelly substances secreted by garlic, onion and pine trees kill single cell organisms like ameba, typhoid, dysentery, and tuberculosis germs and named the substance Phytoncide, and used it ever since.

Do you know why plants secret such a unique essence? Rooted trees can't move, even when they are attacked by enemies. So, in order to protect themselves, trees manufacture protective substances own its own. In this way, general term for every antibiotic substance that plants trees release in the air or on the ground directionally is called Phytoncide.

It can be said that what we call 'forest energy' refers to Phytoncide, and forest walking can be summarized as humans coming into contact with vaporized Phytoncide in the atmosphere. Phytoncides work by preventing the growth of the attacking organism. They are widely used in Russian, Ukrainian, and Korean, Chinese and Japanese medicine, including holistic medicine, aromatherapy, and veterinary medicine. Anything and everything is constantly attacking your car’s surface. Mud, dust, dirty rain, water spots, unsightly brake dust, grime start sticking to your car almost immediately after cleaning it. And let’s face it, having to wash your car is boring, monotonous and time-consuming. Snow, ice, salted roads, tree gum, bird shit doesn’t help either.

We at NANO Tec International as well offer a Phytoncide Spray with best quality yet cost effective solution. Our products are designed for ease, protection and trustworthiness. Our unique cutting border expertise products are helping Individuals, Corporate and Governments identical to advance quality of life, reduce greenhouse gases and save money at the same time providing employment and business opportunities to thousands of people across the nation.

Here at NANO Tec International, we’re going to look at the realities of ceramic coating your car, whether they do what they claim and help you decide whether it’s for you or not. Although the protection these coatings offer is unrivaled, they do have some potential downsides depending on what you’re after.

Our Car detailing service is helpful in removing any potential safety hazards your vehicle may have been susceptible to. A clean exterior maximizes vision while driving, while a spotless interior offers cleaning breathing air. It is also better for the environment to have it done at a professional detailing centre, than if you attempted it at home. Home washes result in harmful cleaners and detergents soaking into the ground and public drainage systems.

We offer jam-packed and expert car detailing services at affordable prices. Contact us for your Phytoncide Spray need.

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