Car Engine Oil Repair Products

Easy Treatment of Car Engine: Restore, Repair & Protect!

At NANO Tec International, we offer a wide variety of car service, car repair, car denting painting from best car workshops and trained car mechanics.

We are a holding company of Nano Ceramic and metallic particle manufacturing technology. Take care of your car with our Car Care Products. By hiring our services you will be able to clean and refine your car in many ways. Clean and revive plastic parts and dashboard renews al the interiors, give shine to your car body, protect and restore the colors. Discover our new car care line interior car cleaners, anti-aging moisturizing milks for leather seats and other solutions. One of our specialty in car care products are waxes and car polish: rapid and spray wax, medium hard and soft pad for car polishing treatments, dust repellents and sprays for cleansing and protective treatments.

Looking for Car Accessories dealer near you? If yes, we can be your one stop solution for the same. Every car owner has to build with some dire times from time to time. Things like flat tires, dead batteries, etc. are the kind that can leave you high and dry. While advancements in technology have more or less cured some plaguing issues for car owners, no one wants to see their car in a bad shape. We went around, talked to a few people and asked them about the things they would want in their vehicles at all times. We came up with a list which is not far-reaching but covers approximately all of your car needs

We offer both car washing and detailing services. These involve cleaning your car, but the difference is in the method and approach.

  • Car Washing:The main purpose of a car wash is to throw out any dirt, dust, salt, or other debris that collects on your car sooner or later. The focus is generally on the vehicle’s exterior, and may also involve washing the undercarriage and a quick vacuuming of the interior.
  • Car Detailing:: The goal of detailing is to restore your car to its original form, and have it looking brand new. Car detailing involves poring over every inch of your car to get rid of any dust, soil, grease, and filth that can harm your vehicle.

Our exceptionally developed platinum coated ceramic is 20 times stronger than steel and platinum is supportive for big combustibility and powerful engine. We, here as well offer car oil with much more cost effective solution at Regular oil changes are essential to make certain the appropriate performance of a car's engine. An oil change, which involves installing a new engine oil filter and draining old engine oil and replacing it with fresh, clean oil, offers a myriad of benefits. Oil changes help to keep car engines clean and running efficiently.

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