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Want to know what is engine Lubricant Additive? Oil additives are chemical compounds that recover the oil performance of base oil. Additives include equipped 5% by load of some oils. Almost all profit-making motor oils hold additives, whether the oils are man-made or petroleum based.

Second, additives offer or help with a wide variety of functions, such as:

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Additives are a chemical component or blend used at a specific treat rate, generally from 1 to 35 percent, to provide one or more functions in the fluid. Ideally, additive components are multifunctional. They are soluble in mineral oil, water or sometimes both. Whether Lubricant-Additives are enhancing, suppressing or imparting new properties to the base oil, additives play an important role in the lubrication of machinery. Additives have three basic roles: Enhance existing base oil properties with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents and demulsifying agents.

Lubrication professionals often become very familiar with the base oil viscosity of their lubricants. After all, viscosity is the most important property of base oil. Baselines for incoming oils are set and the health of the lubricant is monitored based on viscosity alone. However, there is more to lubricants than just viscosity. It is crucial to recognize the role of additives and their purpose contained by the oil. Lubricant additives are organic or inorganic compounds dissolved or suspended as solids in oil. They typically range between 0.1 to 30 percent of the oil volume, depending on the machine.

As well, Lubricant-Additives facilitate with an extensive range of functions, such as: boundary lubricity, extreme pressure (EP), inhibiting corrosion, boosting reserve alkalinity, emulsification, anti misting, antimicrobial pesticide and antifoam additives and deformers.

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